The Most Commonly Overlooked Migraine Triggers

The Most Commonly Overlooked Migraine Triggers

A migraine can strike seemingly out of nowhere. But oftentimes, if you start paying attention to what precedes that splitting headache, you’ll find that one or several triggers were in play. 

Once you figure out what triggers your migraines, you can prevent future ones. So if you frequently suffer from these headaches, it’s well worth exploring your unique triggers. People often start this process by looking at common migraine triggers, like sleep schedule changes, stress, and dehydration. But there are other triggers that don’t get as much attention. 

To help you better understand your own migraine triggers, Dr. Jonathan D. Carlson and our Hawai’i Pain and Spine team put together this list. We’re here on the Windward side of O Ľahu in Kailua to help you get lasting relief from your migraines

To get started on the path toward easing your migraines, here are a few lesser-known triggers you might want to watch. 

The weather

There are a number of ways the weather can play a role in the onset of your migraine. Researchers have found that all of these can impact your head pain:

Your risk for a weather-related migraine goes up if you’re already dealing with other potential triggers, like a bad night’s sleep or a stressful day. 


Certain smells can impact the nerve receptors in your nose, contributing to a migraine. That includes the odor of:

If you don’t like the smell (experts call this osmophobia), it’s more likely to trigger the migraine or worsen the one you already have. 

Medication overuse

The treatment you use to manage your migraines could actually be making them worse. Frequently turning to pain medication is actually a known headache trigger, so much so that this condition has its own name: a medication overuse headache

Talk with Dr. Carlson about any medication you take for your migraines (including over-the-counter pain relievers) and tell him how frequently you take it. He can help you steer clear of this lesser-known migraine trigger. 

Getting relief from your migraines

Knowing your triggers goes a long way toward helping you avoid future migraines. Don’t stop there, though. 

As a headache and pain management specialist, Dr. Carlson can develop a personalized, proactive plan to help you avoid migraines as much as possible. His effective treatment options include medication that you take orally, steroid trigger point injections, and Botox®.

To get started, call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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