Four Types of Chronic Pain That Kyphoplasty Can Address

Four Types of Chronic Pain That Kyphoplasty Can Address

You don’t want to fracture any bone in your body, but it’s especially problematic when the fracture develops in one of the bones in your spine. Suddenly, doing even the most mundane activities can feel excruciating. 

You don’t even need to experience an acute back injury to find yourself in this situation, either. Health conditions like osteoporosis can put you at risk for a compression fracture in your spine. 

If you do find yourself with back pain, talk with Dr. Jonathan D. Carlson. Here at Hawai’i Pain and Spine on the Windward side of O Ľahu in Kailua, he finds out if you have a fracture in a spinal vertebra. If you do, he offers kyphoplasty to bring you relief.

Understanding this procedure

Kyphoplasty gives Dr. Carlson a way to directly address vertebral compression fractures. These breaks in the bone of your spine lead to the vertebra collapsing, causing pain and potential deformity.

Kyphoplasty is a type of minimally invasive surgery designed to reconstruct the affected vertebra. Using a device like a small balloon, Dr. Carlson creates the proper amount of space in your spine. Then, he injects a medical-grade solution that functions like cement. It hardens to permanently hold that space in your spine, alleviating pressure on your spinal column and nerves while restoring the structure of your spine. 

Dr. Carlson does all of this through needles. That means this surgery comes with no incisions and, consequently, very little downtime. 

This procedure usually takes about an hour and is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home the same day. Most people who undergo kyphoplasty experience significant relief in just a couple of days, if not immediately. You will likely be able to walk an hour after your kyphoplasty. 

You should still plan on having someone drive you home though, because Dr. Carlson performs kyphoplasty under general or local anesthesia. 

Candidacy for kyphoplasty

Kyphoplasty gives you an excellent treatment option if your back pain stems from a compression fracture. It won’t, however, bring you the relief you need if your discomfort comes from a separate issue like a herniated disc or arthritis.

Here at Hawai’i Pain and Spine, Dr. Carlson helps you find the best treatment for your back pain by first determining what’s causing it. That way, we can recommend a targeted treatment.

If you are dealing with a compression fracture, kyphoplasty may be the best way to alleviate your pain for good. 

Don’t let your days be colored by back pain. To find out if you’re a candidate for spinal treatment with kyphoplasty, call our office to schedule your appointment today.

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