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Stem cell injections are one of the cutting-edge regenerative medicine techniques that may help heal old injuries and regenerate damaged and degenerated tissues. If you have a chronic pain condition, Jonathan D. Carlson, MD, of Hawai'i Pain & Spine in the Windward area of Kailua, Hawai'i, is an expert in the most advanced treatment techniques, including stem cell injections. To find out more, call today to schedule a consultation or book an appointment online.

Stem Cell Injection Q & A

What are stem cell injections?

Stem cell injections are one of a growing range of regenerative medicine treatments, which use products extracted from human cells. Dr. Carlson uses your own stem cells or donated stem cells for your treatment.

Your body contains some incredibly powerful substances, like growth factors that it uses to repair damage and stimulate new tissue growth. Your natural repair system makes use of these special cells when it needs to, but it can’t always heal damaged tissues completely enough, leaving you with chronic pain and loss of function.

Stem cell injections boost your body’s healing abilities using natural, safe products that don’t rely on synthetic chemicals or pharmaceuticals. This means that stem cell injections are a safe, low-risk option.

How do stem cell injections work?

Stem cells are specialized cells that are like blanks, able to turn into whatever other cells your body needs. When you’re a developing fetus, you have vast quantities of stem cells. As you get older, you have far fewer, but they are still there, mostly in your bone marrow and fatty tissues.

When injected into an area of your body that causes chronic pain, these cells go to work generating new, healthy cells to replace the damaged ones. In this way, they help your body repair tissues more completely and effectively than your body can manage by itself.

What conditions are stem cell injections used for?

Not all uses of stem cells have come to light, but many of Dr. Carlson’s patients notice significant improvement for their chronic pain conditions, including:

  • Joint damage
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle injuries
  • Ligament and tendon injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder, hip, and knee pain

Researchers are still finding new ways to use stem cells and other forms of regenerative medicine to treat chronic pain, as well as a range of other conditions.

What happens when I have stem cell injections?

The injection process is very straightforward. If you’re very sensitive or worried about having injections, a little numbing cream on the injection site takes care of any discomfort. The injections only take a few minutes, depending on where the stem cells need to go.

You won’t notice a difference immediately, but give the stem cells a few weeks and you should start to feel an improvement. This continues for the next few months and should give you long-term relief from your symptoms.

Find out more about stem cell injections and other regenerative medicine treatments that help with chronic pain by calling Hawai’i Pain & Spine today or using the online booking tool to make an appointment.